Open doors | with your phone
Modern cloud-based access system
Using phone to access spaces is trending
People love to use their smartphones to control every aspect of their life. Now they can do it with doors. No need to carry cards or physical keys anymore. No need to stay in line for personal check-in. Keyless entry, mobile check-in and check-out equal a quantum leap for the guest experience.
The new standard of access management
Secure encryption
Self-checkin 24/7
Open API

Smartphone as a key
Activity insights
Billing & Access Integration
Smart Reader
Plain design and functionality
VSG Reader
A reader with an integrated controller.
Packed in a waterproof case (IP68) with light and sound indicator.
• Reading time - 0,3 seconds
• Identification via smartphone or Mifare cards
• Direct connection to the cloud using WiFi

Smart Architecture
VSG Readers receive digital keys for new users via the cloud server. The local memory of devices keeps up the access control even in case of Internet interruptions.
The system is easily scalable and works with unlimited number of doors and turnstiles.

Cloud based access can be used at
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